The Hudson Valley Collaborative is a women-led network of design professionals who believe in co-creation, knowledge sharing, and activism. We have partnered with municipalities, non-profit organizations and community groups to create research, design, planning and preservation projects in collaboration with communities that promote justice, equity and climate action in the Hudson Valley region and beyond. We create interdisciplinary project-based teams, where each member brings the expertise of their independent practice into the collaborative.

Anna Dietzsch, architect and urban designer is passionate about designing cities where man-made systems and natural cycles can co-exist. She leads a research about indigenous spatial practices in New York State, as well as in her home country Brazil. Kaja Kühl is an architect and urban planner, passionate about the intersection of social justice and climate action. She connected with the landscapes and communities in the Hudson Valley through her previous role leading the Hudson Valley Initiative at Columbia University, where she teaches Urban Design. Liz McEnaney is an expert in historic preservation and community engagement. With over a decade of experience working in the Hudson Valley, she brings a wealth of knowledge about place and people to each project. Wendy Andringa is a landscape architect who is passionate about creating regenerative landscapes using the intelligence of natural systems.

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